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  1. Hey guys! I don't wanna take up all the space on this page so here are some thumbnails of the work I've been doing. If you wanna see these in full resolution, please visit hurdofchris.deviantart.com.
  2. You are one of the few that I have seen that could make really good reflections on objects. Please make a tutorial.
  3. If you want a more detailed view of my art, please visit http://www.hurdofchris.deviantart.com
  4. This is my latest creation. It's still a work in progress but it will be done soon, I promise!
  5. I'm really into space scenery. Here's one of the most detailed planets I've made.
  6. I've looked through the effects of the paintbrush and I thought it would be very useful to create a plugin that allows paintbrush to yield custom textures that the user selects from a file (kind of like the paintbrush tool found in Adobe Photoshop 7).
  7. On the rightmost picture in your last examples how did you get that kind of pattern on the sphere? I've tried rendering different polygons and panelling effects but they don't work.
  8. Hey, all you developers out there... I know it sounds unrealistic right now but it would be an awesome addition to Paint.NET if you guys could put together a terrain generator such as the one found in the program Terragen.
  9. Hey guys. I'm just starting off with Paint.NET. I find that it is the greatest tool I've ever used to either create or edit pictures. Here is the first of many of my Paint.NET creations.
  10. Why not have it align the user's selection by using sliders for both X and Y? I mean that only if it is possible. Wouldn't that also eliminate the fact that they have to use the plugin against a transparent background?
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