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  1. Wow ash thats amazing, but what are they :? Is my chrome and better I think it is but I wanted your guys opinion and thanks to Vern for making that chrome tut it helped a ton
  2. Ive been trying the shiny tutorial by vern and I seem to be having trouble with the chrome, can anyone help me with what Im doing wrong. First off I didnt get what he said by outline gradient, or somthing like that and idk why its so jagged and has little white spots must of been my cutting it out with a magic wand :?
  3. Thats amazing bobofthedead :shock: How do you guys like this? I made it using Jakes text tut but I changed it a little
  4. My flower thing :? not really sure what it is but oh well any ideas?? I already saw that the petal things on the bottem are going down but I dont know how to fix that
  5. My newest work of art 8) if you have any tips please post ps. in case you couldent tell I like starwars
  6. That blue snow stuff would look kewl as stationary. I made this from kinda following Madjiks High tech background
  7. More like this? I dont know if I can get it any sharper casue I used the tut on how to do this and there are tons of layers so it gets confusing on what to do
  8. I dont know why you cant see it but heres another version
  9. no offense but if you give your opinion (which I dont mind) could you atleast give tips to make it better
  10. I made another new sig and wanted some tips on it so here it is
  11. Thanks, and Im not good at borders for some reason I just cant find borders that go good togeather or if they do they usually look weird or somthing.
  12. Hey, I tried making myself a new sig and I was wondering which one you guys thought was better :? or If ones to big ill use the other :wink:
  13. I really like it, I think you should figure out a way if you can to make it go around curves so you can use it on text
  14. man I wish I had known that I made a sig for the SOTW and when I was done it was 2 pixels to big and I can change cause its a gif sig :evil:
  15. Ok I just went through and did it the old fashioned way by having the words unhilighted and the outsied area highlighted and erasing the outside area but if someone has any tips please post ps. the origional tut is here http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/topic/New ... html#38596
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