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  1. hmmm i came sort late to this discussion and i hope no one minds me saying my mind on all 3 issues 1. gay rights- being gay is a mental issue and needs more study to see if there able to be married or be in society, more study is needed 2.illegal immigrants on a whole take more money than the boost to the economy. they use our hospitals, roads and all our services. They have higher percentages of crime and all that bad stuff.illegal immigrants are alos bad for the enviroment because it takes low impact people and then the turn into americans and start wasting as much as we do 3. Its not the health food persay in schools. i think the solution is just having more physical eduction classes.... you can eat more junk food if your burning it off .. and once these kids start exercising and loving it theyll stop laying on the coach adn eating potatoe chips all day
  2. chuck Norris doesn't have a chin under his beard just another fist........see i voted for chuck Norris the legend not the actor if i was voting for the actor then Yoda would have won
  3. hey ok i saw a photoshop tutorial on something similar and i dont want to make a tutorial though ..........but essentially all you do is take all light sources.....like the teeth and you just put that on a new layer and another one..........then you just cross blur it both ways so it makes an x......... and yeah dont know if thats what ur looking for
  4. i don't know if anyone else had already posted it but i found paint.net of download.com on a article showing free programs instead of CS2
  5. i had a phone but it went through the washer machine
  6. you should make a picture of a someone getting cut/shot stabbed............... but make some really cool blood effects emphasis on the blood effects
  7. you know theres not really a point of putting secret messages in photos unless someone actually gets it. so who wants to trade secret images with me?
  8. it was funny and cute at the same time
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