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  1. Download v1.2.6.3 September 2019 How to install plugins: http://boltbait.com/pdn/InstallingEffects.php =================================================== Original download link (from my website) My website -> download page document, and sample-image in this site. This website is not English page. =================================================== Nice to meet you. I do not understand English. This comment is filled in with a translation software. This plug-in adds the effect of three dimensions to the image. But, The processing of this effect might be a little slow. The effect of "Drop Shadow effect plugin" or "Object Reflections Plugin" was added to these samples later. First of all, the image. Next, select the object. "sphere" or "cylinder" or "box" Expansion reduction of object. Select the "Texture Map". And, Rotation of object, Camera-angle, Lighting, highlight, etc... ==== Version history ==== Fixes opacity issue (completely opaque pixels were rendered with an an alpha of 254 when antialiasing was enabled - MJW) forces XML to use decimal point. Improved PluginSupportInfo and language support (menu placement) bugfix to get XML Load/Save working - (use "userSettings") Set Default - Save current settings as default. These settings will be used when the Reset button is clicked and when Shape3D is started. Delete Default - Delete user default settings. Window Position & Size - To restore the window position and size, checks it. Moved to the "Render" submenu. - It was corrected that the interface had collapsed by screen resolution occasionally. "Reset" button -> "Reset All" button. To return it to default completely, it changes the specification. A small Reset button is added to some items. - A part of an English translation was changed. The default value of Scaling was changed. - It is corrected that the rotation of the object reverses when the XML data by Version is loaded. - It unified units of Movement of display position - It was corrected that a global coordinate system and the direction of the rotation were opposite. It united it to the right-handed coordinate system. Changed Axis Default Value before Axis1 - Y | Axis2 - X | Axis3 - Y after Axis1 - X | Axis2 - Y | Axis3 - Z Changed Ambient Maxvalue before "1.0" after "10.0" Changed Diffuse Maxvalue before "1.0" after "10.0" Changed Lighting at the time of transparence before after And, Changed Ambient, Diffuse effect at the time of transparence Adds Movement of display position It was corrected that XML Load/Save It unified units of Width/Height/Depth of Sphere/Cylinder/Box Independent setting of the Top/Bottom of cylinder. Adds Cylinder-Face ON/OFF - Adds Box-Face ON/OFF Adds Reset-Button XML Load/Save - Adds English language. - Japanese language release.
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