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  1. About a download link. Thanks, everyone. I tried it some time ago, too. However, it did not work. I uploaded files of MediaFire again.
  2. What kind of image did you make Cylinder with? harf cylinder map setting only bottom face setting
  3. I acquired an account in the site that you showed. And, I made a new download link. I changed download link of 1st page 1st post and my website. Thank you.
  4. with the antivirus software that you are using. http://www.fileinfo.net/extension/efw http://forums.stardock.com/index.aspx?f ... 161625&c=1 If it is a cause, please examine about the software. If you cannot use a ZIP file, please try the link which Ash showed. A DLL file is downloaded. Ash. Thank you so much. The download link that you showed is very nice. I did not understand the necessity of the download links of DLL files.
  5. mistakes translation? . tired translation. I have made a slightly timid remark at the former post. (I already edited it.) I will continue it at one's own pace in future.
  6. yes. sorry. I was tired a little.  :wink: If future. Thank you.
  7. TheFreak002. Thank you for reply. david.atwell. Thank you.
  8. @BrunoReX: Thank you. @Fisherman's Friend: Yes. Thank you. @Memphis: Thank you.
  9. barkbark00 Thank you for your post. I knew and learnt a problem of 120dpi for the first time to see your post. and Ash, Yata everyone. Thank you for many Information.
  10. Everybody, I'm sorry. And, Thank you for many Information. After having changed screen resolution to 800x600, I also tested. At that time, the OK/Cancel button was not able to be seen. However, it begins only to have seen it from the screen because the size of the window was large. and, I tested for 120dpi. The result was the same after all. If the window was resized, the button was able to be seen. more, I examined it. And, The problem has been understood. When a window size was resized before a window was displayed. (maybe, To screen resolution by the system because the size of the window is too large. Or, by the system setting.) A position and size of the Control do not seem to follow the resize of the window then when it fixed a position in an "Anchor" property of the Control. I stopped using the "Anchor" property, and fixed the position by "Dock" property. and, in "Load Event" of the Form, I added the next cord. private Size displaySize() { int x = this.Width, y = this.Height; foreach (Screen s in Screen.AllScreens) { x = Math.Min(x, s.WorkingArea.Width); y = Math.Min(y, s.WorkingArea.Height); } x = Math.Max(x, this.MinimumSize.Width); y = Math.Max(y, this.MinimumSize.Height); return new Size(x, y); } This image is "800x600 120dpi", and the result of the display. everybody, it troubled you. Thank you and.
  11. I'm sorry. My consideration was insufficient. The size when the window was opened was too large.? I want to manage to correct opening size.
  12. Ash. It is wonderful. Your art transcends my imagination. The jewel changed a tiger.
  13. I'm sorry. I can not understand. "any more plugins" another plugin? I have nothing. this plugin? I have small plans. However, I think, that about them should not say yet now. Thank you.
  14. I had the same question, too. the pixel color data of another layer. If it is possible, it is very glad.
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