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  1. Hey thats a good idea! I'll e-mail then right now! [/sarcasm] I never thought of that Xbox idea.
  2. You can close tabs by clicking the middle mouse button on a tab.
  3. ^^ If its the sun what about the line that says, if you squeeze me I'll pop? I don't get that line then.
  4. I like pencils because you can draw woderfull stuff with them.
  5. Post you riddles here! (well duh...) Here're some of the ones I saw sometime ago: /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/ Solved by natjo1986! The answer was "Reading between the lines. Stand I << BoltBait has won, it was "I understand" Can anyone guess these?
  6. Here's something random I made while playing around in pdn.
  7. All next week I have exams and all that stuff, then its finished!!!! FINALLY!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Random: Imagine giving a chicken chicken.
  8. Maybe someone could write a plugin or something similar for that "Transform bounding box".
  9. I bet a lot of you go to the links when some people post where pdn is admired, but then download other cool stuff thats mentioned.
  10. I'm too busy with studying these days. But sometimes lazy.
  11. I bet someday I'll leave this too....I usually don't stay doing the same things for a long time. And then someday after 6-12 months for some reason I'll remember this program and the forum, the program completely changed by then and then I'll stay for a while and leave again. And so on..... Thats just how I am.
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