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  1. Add a new layer, color it pink and move that layer to the bottom. This way anything thats transparent will look pink. when you're done, just delete the pink layer.
  2. heres a lightbulb i whipped up tell me what you think
  3. wow i'm glad my idea based on hpebley3's orton effect was made into a plugin! great job BoltBait!
  4. Fair enough, I didnt know about ESC, but without that and perhaps Ctrl+D, it's still a tad tiring. Thank you lots though.
  5. Sometimes, I find it tedious to have to click back on a secection tool again just to get rid of the secection I have. Say, I made the selection, moved it, then I have to click back on one of the secection tools before I can continue editing the entire image. perhaps, from the arrows at least, when you click off of the selected portion, the selection dissappears (not erase whats inside, but the physical selection itself, limiting what you edit).