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  1. 7 diggs and 2 comments? C'mon guys, you can do better than that... Looks like a smooth release Rick, it works great - as expected.
  2. Your question is to broad Hellfire010, it's like asking "what kind of car should I get?". What do you want to use the camera for? Snapshots at parties? Eagles at 100 yards? Photos of the Milky Way? Most cameras have their own strenghts, you need to pick a camera that will fit 90% of your shooting. The S5200 tinsoldier suggested is a good camera, especially for what it costs, but doesn't have any image stabilization meaning you need higher ISO and/or higher shutter speeds especially at full zoom. The Panasonic FZ30 or FZ50 has great zoom, resolution and image stabilization but sucks above ISO 100 making it a very good camera when you're in good light - like full sunight - but poor in less than optimal light. What is your budget? You said a "reasonable range", what is reasonable to you? Serious shooters often spend thousands just on lenses for their DSLR, other people are happy with a $100 point and shoot that fits in their pants pocket. You may be happy with an Olympus FE 115, they run around $150 maybe less on sale, it takes nice shots especially in good light, but after using better cameras many P&S are very frustrating - what have you used in the past? You might want to head over to http://www.dpreview.com/ and http://www.dcresource.com/ to read reviews of a wide range of cameras to see what might fit your needs.
  3. Everyone has a right to that every once in a while. While I'm really looking forward to MDI and whatever else you add, one feature I hope doesn't change is the Auto Level. Most of the time it works great when I need it, better than Paint Shop Pro X version of the same tool.
  4. You might want to take a look at MIR.NET: http://www.multipleimageresizer.net/ It's a batch manipulation tool, it will resize, crop, add text, add borders, rotate or batch rename with a few options.
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