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  1. Look at a lot of sigs out there and try to replicate what you see, start easy and work your way up. If you think something would look really neat in a sig try to make it. That's what I do. I enjoy just creating things for the heck of it whether or not it ever will end up in a sig or not. Americas Army AKA =[CAG]=Unindal
  2. How would one go about determining what is dust in a photo and what is not? That seems really difficult to me.
  3. I know for a fact that run parallel with each other (if that means anything to you). They do not overwrite each other at all. Another good place to ask this question if you do not trust us is the .NET Framework Forums. Hope this helps.
  4. Does Paint .NET have an IRC channel somewhere?
  5. BuzzKill, I figured it out with a little bit of guidance from your comment. Basically what I was trying to do was to create a border along the left side and then have the style on the right. I set the background color to what I wanted, added a new layer and created the left side, copied the left side, pasted into a new layer, deselected the background and the second layer so that only the last layer was selected, flipped horizontal, then flattened them all. Thanks. I'll probably have more of these types of posts. Image manipulation is a new concept to me but something I would like to get under my belt.
  6. Is there a way to make a selection and then flip and/or rotate just the selection?
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