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  1. The program is not written till its ideal variant to have mobile tool bars... If you have a neckache you probably should buy a smaller screen instead of your 17'' to use this creature achelessly
  2. Is it possible to do something in this program precisely upon numerics? For ex. to stick to guidelines?
  3. F1 foreva!!! After selecting an area: Move Tools (M - keyboard) Drag one of the corner or edge nubs Resize the selection Hold down Shift while dragging one of the corner nubs Resize the selection while maintaining its original aspect / proportions Drag anywhere except on the nubs with the left mouse button Move the selection Drag anywhere with the right mouse button Rotate the selection
  4. Photoshop is far more inteligent than your hero. But I think that Paint.NET will make us lough at the Photoshop's features... this small birdy will fly high!
  5. It's not quite convenient to use Canvas Size's data for singling out an area of an already existant image...
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