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  1. i noticed it too but only about 20 seconds ago after i tried it^_^
  2. if u wanna get spekles out, dupilicate the layer and guassain blur it and change the layer properties/opicity
  3. if your talking abaout something like this http://woodcellargraphics.com/octob022.JPG its better to draw, scan it and use layers to color it
  4. you have to change the layer properties not all the things in the formating toolbar aka the things you unclicked at the top
  5. LMAO!...click add a new layers or dupicate the layer you have selected. after that you click the little hand and change the layer type and opacity
  6. you should put these on shirts and sell them to little kids
  7. you could just skip a few numbers and move straight to 5.6
  8. you can fix this couple diffrent ways, two ways i recommend is scanning your pc and running it over with your car
  9. yes/no, type the first word and then rotate every other word according to it...you can make a new layer and draw a link to guide you
  10. since its unchecked it, nothing? :?
  11. after you made the gradient...select the text then invert the selection and hit delete on the layer of the gradient
  12. for your magnetic lasso - http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=968 petty much same thing
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