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  1. Hi. I'm having problems when I define very small selection areas (ex. 8x8) and then try to move it by using the move selection tool. I click inside the selection area but instead of moving what I get is resizing.
  2. Hello Sandra. I've noticed two things in the translation, both in the installer. 1) When upgrading a previously installed version, the first install option says "Salir" (Quit) instead of "Typical"(Típica) or something like that. 2) In the license agreement page, the "I Agree" and "I don't agree" labels are mixed up. I had to choose "I don't agree" in order to install the program! That's all. Bye! ps. I remember a long time ago there was a Paint.NET Spanish translation available.
  3. Yo ahora mismo voy a ponerme a traducir mi parte hasta cansarme y entonces pondré aquí la lista con los archivos que he traducido y asi sucesivamente hasta terminar. Verificaré el foro ocasionalmente para ver si alguien se apunta para un pedazo la traducción. I'm happy to say I finally found a great avatar. I love Monkey Island!
  4. Perdón nuevamente... Yo hice el post anterior como Guest :? :oops:
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