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  1. Ok men. I've confirmed the problem is that .NET Framework Version 1.1 Spanish Language Pack is required. Thanks Zagna.
  2. Sorry. I maintained the same directory tree of the original French file without thinking about the correct one. ;-)
  3. I have an Spanish version, because my question about this text. :-?
  4. Here We have a text that I didn't find in localization file (Save As... option and trying to replace a file).
  5. Apuntado y me pondré a ello. Si alguien más quiere participar, que avise. ¿Vamos colgando aquí cada página traducida por separado para que quién quiera lo vaya revisando y dando sugerencias o esperamos a tener todo traducido?
  6. 1.- A single thread to discuss only future features ;-) 2.- About windows: 2.1.- Options about transparency like percentage of it (I think it will help in slow machines). 2.2.- Some way to reduce/hide them like Photoshop or someting like Interface Assistant ( I prefer this way than transparency although it looks better ;-)
  7. ¿Alguien se anima a ayudarme a traducir la ayuda? ;-) Creo que lo mejor sería repartir los capítulos y luego ya me encargo yo de repasarlos y unificarlos. Por cierto, ¿alguien puede colgar el fuente de la 2.5 en otro sitio, que no soy capaz de descargarlo? A no ser que ya esté en otro servidor y no me haya enterado ;-P Gracias
  8. Could you upload source code to more servers to download, please? I can't download it from your sever anyway. Thanks
  9. Well, here we go new Spanish localization zip with: .- Files.AboutCredits.rtf changed. .- Defaults buttons width problem solved after this post: (I have included new values at the end of the source file) The zip: ... Also I forgot last time update translation source. That is: Rick, I didn't understand if you need this change also in Frech translation file or if you mentioned it as an example. Anyway here you have this change too: ... Thanks
  10. Perdona, pero había buscado ambos términos en mi fichero traducido. :-P Lo cierto es que no creo que signifiquen nada (al menos nada que yo sepa, lo cuál me lleva a pensar que pueden ser términos de esos que poco a poco se han colado en el idioma), pero yo lo traduje como "ángulos" y "superpuesto", que es lo que me inspiró esa trama. Si te fijas la traducción de las tramas es quizás dónde me tomé mayores libertades y utilicé términos que a mi juicio reflejaban mejor la trama en sí. Lo de "lasso" es lo mismo, un spanglish como Dios manda. ;-P =============== Sorry. I had looked for it in my own translated file not in original one. :-P I think DIVOT and PLAID means nothing. Well, at least nothing I knew that drive me to think they can be new adopted terms from a foreign language, like "lasso" from Spanish word "lazo"? Finally I translated them as "ángulos" as "superpuesto" because these words explain better the concret "hatch style" concept in Spanish. If you look carefully the translation of these HatchStyle terms you can see I didn't make a literal translation and I selected terms that explain more exactly each style.
  11. During Spanish translation I found that Defaults buttons and Layers Properties>Opacity label haven't enough width to fit more lenght than english text. E.g. "Defaults" vs "Valores por defecto" or "Opacity" vs "Opacidad". I found more similar cases but I could replace words without lose meaning but with previous I can not. Also Status bar does not displayed complete help texts. I count till 932 chars. Thanks.
  12. Done 100%: ...