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  1. I've just made a small change and added the translation of a tip I missed. No hurry.. Also included icons and aboutcredits.rtf again. Packs are full packs, I mean. Here: http://www.geocities.com/basarugur/pdnturkishpack/PaintDotNet.2.70.tr.zip
  2. Here - Burada: http://www.geocities.com/basarugur/pdnturkishpack/PaintDotNet.tr.zip As Geocities.com is blocked in Turkey, I put the localization file as an attachment to this post. --- Geocities.com Türkiye'de yasaklandığı için dosyayı bu mesaja ekledim, alabilirsiniz. PaintDotNet.tr.zip
  3. Hi from Istanbul.. I've finished Turkish translation quickly as I am into literature as well as Image Processing. Some terms are suggested with their alternatives and English versions in parentheses. Still open to any critics & corrections. I love icons, so I also added 3 icons in my package. Help translation needs just time and motivation. Why not? Hope it works.. Use and remember me. : ] Basar Ugur. v--- Translation of this e-mail to Turkish ---v İstanbul'dan herkese merhaba.. Programın Türkçe'ye çevirisini hem Görüntü İşleme hem de edebiyata olan ilgim dolayısıyla hızlıca yaptım. Bazı terimleri alternatifleriyle, bazılarını da İngilizce orijinalleriyle birlikte koydum (alışkın olanlar için). Her türlü öneriye & eleştiriye açığım. İkonları çok sevdiğim için "Kalın, Yatık ve Altı çizili" yazılar için kullanılan üç ikonu da hazırladım. Yardım bölümünün çevirisi ise zaman ve g.t istiyor. Neden olmasın? Umarım işinize yarar.. Kullandıkça beni hatırlayın. Başar Uğur.
  4. Sorry, but it's still not fixed in v2.5 Try drawing a 4x5 ellipse with brush size 1 pixel, then press Shift and see! But as far as you trust gdi+, i got nothing to say. I expected you have drawn your own drawing routine. However, gdi+ may still be free of errors, and the problem may still be yours! I think the problem arises because in Paint.NET v2.5, a circle is drawn to contain the point where it's started to be drawn. That way you have to make some good calculations so that the diameter of the circle is the distance between the point you draw from and the point you draw to. Afaik, you need to have a Rectangle instance to draw an Ellipse in gdi+. If you can succesfully apply the idea of "contain the point which initiates you" to a square and check the results, it's easy to apply it to circles, too. Thanks in advance..
  5. I said "no screenshot" again, but I think I had to.. Because the only relevant response that came from the developers was that "make sure you have version 2.1 etc." Sticky.. Here is what you couldn't handle OR handled but couldn't put in version 2.1b: Am I missing sth?
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