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  1. PDN will open as an app into a blank page which i can then drag or use the go to and open function, i just cant click on any image, even images that are already saved as PDN image, all i get is a blue circle and nothing happens, my log fault folder is empty, there's no errors showing up. these same image open fine with other picture viwers, it's just PDN that wont.
  2. Hi, so suddenly out of the blue today PDN wont open any images previously used and saved via the program, even if i right click and choose PDN i just get a little blue circle and it doesnt open. iv set paint as my default paint program to open pretty much every thing. i can how ever open PDN as a blank page and drag an image into it and save it, it just wont open any images by clicking the image it's self, iv been trying to sort this for past 8 hours and no luck :/
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