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  1. That's too bad. Do you by chance have a suggestion of a plug in that does something similar? Essentially tiles in a texture on top of a selection. If not no worries; just figure I'd ask in case you had something on the top of your head
  2. Ah shoot, looks like something else broke it now If I have a green square for example and I want to apply a texture which has a transparent background, for some reason the clear background is ignored and instead made black. Here is my texture: Note the transparent background. I want to apply the texture to this green square This is the result This is what the result SHOULD look like Any idea what could cause this?
  3. Working with multi-threading is always "fun" 😁 Thanks for the fix; looking forward to it!
  4. Here is what I am experiencing (Windows 10, latest updates applied) - Installed fresh Paint app v5.0.1 - Paste the apply texture dll file in Program Files/paint.net/Effects - Launch paint application, go to effects->objects->apply texture - Dialog window opens up for me to select texture, I select it, plug in crashes - Im not going to paste the entire error; It's 447 lines and I dont want to pollute thread but here is some of it:
  5. Update 5 broke the fill texture plug in I use this regularly and can't find older versions of the software... Any ideas on what to do?
  6. Latest paint update seems to have broken this? :(
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