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Designing Model Decals?

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Hello Everyone,


I was wondering if you could please assist me in designing my own decals from photos, as I am trying to create my own paper model decals from various photos of objects like an F-14 Tomcat; please see my attach photos. I am primarily interested in making decals for modern military hardware.


I know there are a few extensions/plug-ins that help the artist/photographer clean up there desired photos, and some with amazing results. I guess what I am looking for is something that can design/convert a photo into a high quality decal that can than be resized from 1/4 - 1/720, etc....


I guess the way to go would be vector over raster due to it's vibrant and streamlined look, and since the 3D program I prefer (Sketchup Make 2017) is a vector program there shouldn't be any issues with importing new decals; so if you can please advise me on any extensions/tutorials, would be appreciated.


Please take a look at my photos and let me know in which direction I should go.

Thank you, so much to all of you!


Cheers Mates! 


Tomcat Eagle 75-05'.gif

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Thanks Ardneh,


Is there a tutorial/plug-in that allows you to copy/trace over a blurry image and than allows you to recreate a better image? a). To make bigger and b). To clean up and make another/better version?



B. Decal


Cheers Mate!

JFK a.gif

Tiger Meet.gif

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