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  1. Any way I can make something like this, I mean I know you can do it with "Trail" plugin but I was hoping for any faster way?
  2. I see your plugin pack helps again, you are a great guy boltbait for making it. PS: It worked Thanks!
  3. How can I make blurry/Transparent pixels sharp/opaque? Example: To this Example: I turns all pixels sharp and I can easily see how sharp they are (I tried the sharpen thing but it didnt do what I wanted)
  4. So I am trying to make the left side Opaque, and the right side Transparent, like a gradient but I don't know how. PS: if this topic has chosen the wrong forum genre please excuse me, I didn't know where to put it.
  5. How would I do the Dust particle that is in the picture? Because TRS Scatter only does 1 side, i want it do like do it some sides.
  6. @toe_head2001I indeed have my issue fixed, I don't know what happened but, second what plugin does where colors are into a circle like a gradient chart or color wheel and they all zoom into a point?
  7. So First things first: It worked before alright, but when I do it now it breaks Explenation: I use one of his effects and then try to load it and then the whole paint.net crashes for no reason, With other of his plugins too, oh and It doesnt say any plugin error. Also i am using the free version And Its probably because of many plugins but what do you all think?
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