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  1. Yeah sorry I just assumed it was a pdf because there's a link for the pdf in the Plugin Index page Obviously I have more than just the default plugins, or else I wouldn't be saying that. My issue here is that the plugin index file wasn't downloaded
  2. Hi, I've encountered an issue. I put the plugin inside the plugins folder and opened up paint.net, a message popped up asking if I want to download the plugin index pdf, and I clicked yes, but nothing was downloaded. Whenever I use the plugin it only shows the list of the default plugins. Did I do something wrong? I tried deleting and re-installing the plugin but the message doesn't pop up again.
  3. To be honest I was hoping for a solution closer to what I asked for, but I guess Plugin Browser will have to do for now. Is there any chance that these features will be implemented in a future update?
  4. Hi, I'm a graphic designer and my program of choice is Paint.NET. I use it for several hours every day, and after evaluating ways of increasing my productivity, I concluded that plugin personalization would be a great way to achieve that. I want to know how to change the icon and category of plug-ins I've downloaded from this forum, because when you have 30+ plugins it's hard to remember where everything is located, especially when some have bad icons or don't have icons at all. Additionally, I'd like to know how I can edit plugins to make the gui simpler and personalized to my needs
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