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  1. Here's a short video of creating a kaleidoscope from scratch. The output is quite unexpected! Peace 232
  2. I liked that one too - it has nice depth and a sort of counter spacial aspect to it. Here's a link to the hi-res file from my Flickr (warning: it's a pretty beefy PNG!) For now, I'm still enjoying kaleidoscopic effects. Here's some new stuff: Peace 232
  3. Hey, it sounds like a real word to me! Here's a little something in higher resolution:
  4. I'm glad you enjoy this style, here's something for the weekend:
  5. I'm glad you liked that one. I've whipped up something similar for you: PIXEYLPERFECT232 Peace ✌️ 232
  6. Kaleidoscopes are great. Before applying the plugin on ANAMOS232, I said to myself "that's gonna look like a dog - Click. " Almost instantly (super plugin by the way, nicely optimised, very cool) I could see it. "It looks like a dog!", as I threw my headphones off in amazement. Then, I looked at it more closely and I could see big cats, dogs, birds, fish, snakes and frogs.
  7. Hello! I've been using PDN for a couple of months - here's a selection of fractals, kaleidoscopes and other goodies for you to enjoy - 100%! Kaleidoscopes ANAMOS232 HOLYSMOKES232 NOID232 FREAZY232 EXOTICEYE232 MACHINEELVES232 Julia Sets ZETARETICULI232 REPLICAN232 REPLICANT232 REPTOID232 Misc. TABLET232 RA232 OPTICAL232 CLUBCHILLA232 MIDNIGHT232 All images can be found in 8000x8000 on my Flickr (and trust me, they look goooood). Peace! ✌️
  8. I'm really enjoying this, thanks @MadJik.