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  1. Here's a short video of creating a kaleidoscope from scratch. The output is quite unexpected! Peace 232
  2. I liked that one too - it has nice depth and a sort of counter spacial aspect to it. Here's a link to the hi-res file from my Flickr (warning: it's a pretty beefy PNG!) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48075879278_74daf66fca_o.png For now, I'm still enjoying kaleidoscopic effects. Here's some new stuff: Peace 232
  3. Hey, it sounds like a real word to me! Here's a little something in higher resolution: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48215839872_fc76d0dc3f_o.png
  4. I'm glad you enjoy this style, here's something for the weekend:
  5. I'm glad you liked that one. I've whipped up something similar for you: PIXEYLPERFECT232 Peace ✌️ 232
  6. Kaleidoscopes are great. Before applying the plugin on ANAMOS232, I said to myself "that's gonna look like a dog - Click. " Almost instantly (super plugin by the way, nicely optimised, very cool) I could see it. "It looks like a dog!", as I threw my headphones off in amazement. Then, I looked at it more closely and I could see big cats, dogs, birds, fish, snakes and frogs.
  7. Hello! I've been using PDN for a couple of months - here's a selection of fractals, kaleidoscopes and other goodies for you to enjoy - 100% paint.net! Kaleidoscopes ANAMOS232 HOLYSMOKES232 NOID232 FREAZY232 EXOTICEYE232 MACHINEELVES232 Julia Sets ZETARETICULI232 REPLICAN232 REPLICANT232 REPTOID232 Misc. TABLET232 RA232
  8. I'm really enjoying this, thanks @MadJik. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48057956878_f6d697ea0c_o.png
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