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  1. @AndrewDavid Well Andrew, you have my thanks. And I feel rather stupid. I saw the update notification in Paint.net from time to time, even recently I think... but it seems that it did not update, in fact... so yeah, the out-of-date version was the problem. Once again, thanks
  2. @AndrewDavid Thanks Well I expect it to appear in the effect menu in Paint.net, just like other plugins I installed did. But it just doesn't happen, there is no advanced folder for that matter. Paint.net 4.0.13 and Windows 8.1
  3. Hi, sorry if I'm being really stupid, but do I need any other software to run this plugin? Because I tried both versions, putting them (both the dll and the folder) to the effect folder, but literally nothing happens, Paint.net does not react nor shows anything at all. I had no problems with adding plugins before. Thanks
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