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  1. so sorry i had missed a program needed for it to work, it was not mentioned in the first post i did read that codelab was needed, tried it for another program and now this work sorry to bother you this program now works like i had hoped so big thanks for this pluging anyway , tried to delete my first post but dont know how to do it
  2. hi i have tried to get this plugin to work but im only getting an error when i try to use the plugin, first i found a very old version, some way google thinks an article that are over 4 years old should be in the top, tried that version but that was many errors then i found this now but it still wont work, maybe im are doing it wrong but i have redone it several times as i was instructed to install it., this is my error log, strangely i have my language set to English but it still writes some words on Swedish, File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\NormalMapPlus.dll Name: No
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