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  1. Oh well, although that is a bit strange. I mean, every app with tabs I've ever seen displays the close icon on each tab. Moreover accidentally closing an image with unsaved edits should not be possible given that the Save dialog should pop up, and accidentally closing an image without unsaved edits can be undone simply by reopening from the Recent list. It's not a big deal at all, but personally I don't really see the benefit of omitting such a common UI element.
  2. If I hover the mouse cursor over the image thumbnails displayed at the top of the window, only the currently active image's thumbnail has the white-on-red 'X' close button overlaid on top of it. The other thumbnails can still be closed with a middle-click, but hovering over them fails to display the red close button. Seems like a minor bug to me, and I hope it'll be fixed before the final release of 4.2.14. [Paint.NET 4.2.13 x64 Classic install on Windows 10.]
  3. Thanks for the reply, Rick. I know you've got lots on your plate, but do hope all the affected dialogs are fixed some day at least (and not "some day" = "effectively never" as seen with bug reports for many programs). BTW where is Paint.NET on GitHub? Should we be opening issues/filing bugs directly there instead of here in the forum?
  4. As I suspected (floating-point arithmetic), but clearly it should be dealt with since it can result in unwarranted image modification. Hopefully Rick will take care of it in the next point release.
  5. Open the attached PNG image (not required, any image should do I suppose), then go to Image > Resize and just start tabbing through the fields to see the magic happen! As you can see in the animation above, just tabbing through the fields causes the image's width, height, recommended resize method and projected new size to change (twice!), and Shift+tabbing back causes them to revert to their original values. I suspect it could be due to some sort of internal rounding error, but I could be wrong. Regardless, it's a bug and should be dealt with. Just tabbing and pressing OK without explicitly modifying any values shouldn't cause the image to be resized unnecessarily. Please also check other dialogs for similar anomalous behaviour. If it matters, this was observed in 4.1.5 (classic install) on Win10 x64 v1809 (17763.253).
  6. I have a DLL that says it's v1.1.0.13. Don't have the original archive, but here's the DLL if someone wants it. ImPNM.FileType_1.1.0.13.zip
  7. Love the plugin, but I hate apps that clutter up the Docs folder. The Docs folder is for my docs only! Can you please update the plugin to save in a system approved location for settings, such as %LocalAppData%? Thanks! Edit: I see that %LocalAppData%\Paint.NET already exists, so how about %LocalAppData%\Paint.NET\FileTypes?
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