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  1. Yeh, that's the one. Tho, I only learned just now that it's a shareware product. Dangit.
  2. Hai there, I'm new to this whole PDN forum thing, whoa. So, I've been using Paint.NET for a few months now. It's been an absolute joy to use and has pretty much become my Photoshop replacement. But there's still things in Paint.NET I feel are missing and/or I can't seem to find a plugin for. One of those being an advanced text creation tool. I've been looking for one that has all the features of all the text creator plugins I've seen, plus a bit more. One that has Circle Text functionality, outline creation with solid colour and gradient options, tracking and line separation controls, Small caps, all other sorts of things. I swear I remember seeing something like that in a pack of plugins here on the forums a while ago, but wherever it is, I can't find it. (Or, it's probably a case of me misremembering something, idk). So, if anyone knows of any fully featured text creators that are as feature-rich as say, Adobe Premiere's old Titler or NewBlue Titler Pro for Vegas, please let me know. Thanks in advance.