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  1. The "Edit" button is opening stuff in mspaint for me. I think I did un-check an option like that in the installer. I thought those boxes would've also made it so that it would always just open image files in Paint.NET regardless, even if I just double-clicked on them, so I unchecked them. I also just re-installed PDN and checked those boxes to see if it'd work, and it didn't. Plus, as I said earlier, it'd be a good tweak for just in case you have a plugin that makes PDN compatible with a file type it wasn't previously. Just using PSDs as an example, clicking the "Edit" button in the context menu opens them in Photoshop, when I'd prefer (In most cases) to edit them in Paint.NET.
  2. Doesn't it just open those with mspaint?
  3. NOTE: I wasn't sure where to stick a thread like this, so if it's out of place, I'll be more than okay if the thread gets locked, deleted, moved or otherwise. After a bunch of poking about online, I found out how to use regedit to add custom buttons to the right-click context menu in Windows. I created one which opens a file in Paint.NET. (I'm a nut for small, convenient UI tweaks like this, so I just couldn't help myself). It'd be cool if they implemented a feature like this in stock Paint.NET one day. It's a feature I've been longing for. Now, this button will appear for every file under the sun that's right-clicked, so it's up to you to know that the file you're opening is gonna work with Paint.NET, but I plan on making it so that the option only appears on compatible file types. (Actually, I might actually keep it the way it is, in case someone has a file type compatibility plugin like for Photoshop's PSDs). Here's what it looks like in the menu: And here's a download for the .reg if one should wish for it:
  4. Yeh, that's the one. Tho, I only learned just now that it's a shareware product. Dangit.
  5. Hai there, I'm new to this whole PDN forum thing, whoa. So, I've been using Paint.NET for a few months now. It's been an absolute joy to use and has pretty much become my Photoshop replacement. But there's still things in Paint.NET I feel are missing and/or I can't seem to find a plugin for. One of those being an advanced text creation tool. I've been looking for one that has all the features of all the text creator plugins I've seen, plus a bit more. One that has Circle Text functionality, outline creation with solid colour and gradient options, tracking and line separation controls, Small caps, all other sorts of things. I swear I remember seeing something like that in a pack of plugins here on the forums a while ago, but wherever it is, I can't find it. (Or, it's probably a case of me misremembering something, idk). So, if anyone knows of any fully featured text creators that are as feature-rich as say, Adobe Premiere's old Titler or NewBlue Titler Pro for Vegas, please let me know. Thanks in advance.