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  1. Hello MJW! "I finally found time to complete my changes to the CodeLab implementation of Normal Map Plus." Thank-you for taking time to work on this! "The goal was to fix the edge-line artifacts when the zoom level doesn't show the entire image" I've tried to reproduce that zoom-in glitch with your new version & have been unable to trigger it. You seem to have succeeded in your goal to eliminate that bug. "but I'm also interested in whether by some chance it fixes the crash." I can also confirm that your new version do
  2. Hello MJW! "I wonder if it's a less extreme manifestation of the problem that causes the crash." I would guess not as it's a glitch that's been in NormalMapPlus ever since I first started using it, long before the recent clash with Net Framework 4.7. But I'm no coder. I've now used the plugin many times since null54's fix & the crash is totally gone. An interesting thing I did notice when recreating the artifact bug for those demo images, although I can reproduce it on any picture zoomed in on when activating NormalMapPlus, the artifacts
  3. Hello MJW! Sure, no problem! As I say in the earlier post, you can avoid these artifacts simply by not being zoomed in when applying the NormalMapPlus effect. You just need to be aware of the issue first. Here's a visual demonstration of the described artifacts & how to trigger them: Image, not zoomed into fitting the Paint.net window. Apply NormalMapPlus & result is how it should be. Start again, this time zoomed into a portion of the image Apply
  4. I realise Vince's post on page one, about artifacts in normal maps made by NormalMapPlus, is old but I thought it worth commenting on in case it helps others. I've seen the odd line like artifacts described when using NormalMapPlus sometimes & found that it was due to being zoomed in to a part of the image that the effect is being applied to. If you zoom into a corner for example & run NormalMapPlus you can end up with a normal height line were the edge of the zoomed in portion meets the edge of Paint.net's display. Simple solution is to ensure the image is set
  5. Hello AndrewDavid! Glad null54 terrific update worked for you too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello MJW! "What this plugin does appears to be reasonably simple, but I'm not certain exactly what it does." The advantage, for me, that NormalMapPlus has over other normal map plugins for Paint.net is that it's a very simple tool to create normals from the diffuse texture in one step. Simply using the plugin on a diffuse texture can produce a basic normal. Though in practice you tend to add more detail by han
  6. Hello - null54! "Using the MethodImplAttribute to disable JIT optimizations for the OnRender method has fixed the crash. " Wow, that was fast work! I've tested your new version of the plugin & it works! Compared its effects to using the older version & they appear the same so this seems perfect (fingers crossed). Thank-you kindly for taking the time to fix this & sharing the results. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello - AndrewDavid! "I too am on Win 10 creators update. What I find interesting is that I have n
  7. NormalMapPlus is probably the one plugin I can't do without as it's my Normal map tool of choice. So firstly a big thank-you kindly to Simon Brown for it! I'm running Paint.net 4.0.16 on a Windows 7 64 bit OS & NormalMapPlus was working just fine, I used it all the time. Then one day it would not work & caused the error report mentioned by others above. I'd recently had a Windows update & knew the plugin had been working prior so I looked into that. Turns out that Net Framework 4.6 was updated to 4.7. On a hunch I rolled back to 4.
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