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  1. Hey could there be a palette bar that slides between all available custom made pallets? I think it would be a better way to switch between many pallets. I could make a different palette for every color and then slide between them like a hue bar and get a whole different selection of colors. Also, maybe if the H, S, V and A slider bars could all be applied to the palette at once then I could switch between colors of the same whiteness or darkness and have much better use out of the palette.
  2. Is there a way or a plugin that exports all layers as separate image files on the fly? and names them with similar names but with a counting number going up? Also, is there another way to do gif files instead of the .agif and .apng that actually just uses the .gif file type but it's animated like all other sites do?
  3. How large is that though. Im trying to make a gold inlay and none of the effects seem to do it just right. I've gotten away with Object Bevel and Metallize and it creates a fairly nice gold effect, but not quite. Maybe I just need to increase resolution to get the full effects. But as it is, I'm looking to make the most realistic effect possible.
  4. Ok thank you. It looks like it is doing something I need. I'll keep working with it.
  5. Is there a polish plugin that makes any object polished to shine like metal? You can get different finishes on metal as well. Maybe an entire Metal Plugin that makes different surfaces for metal?
  6. Excellent! Thank you for the stuff. I'll check it out.
  7. After messing with it, it appears to be a result of how it is coded up. The top part is being recognized as the top of a sphere and the bottom the bottom of a cone. And it wants to draw that in, but then the image changes from that and it starts drawing reflections for the rest of it as it should be. I'm not sure if this can be fixed except by the one who wrote the plugin. Edit: yeah even having it recognize half it still wants to see that part as a circle and cone for some reason.
  8. I just got this plugin and I'm trying to make this shape have a metal gleam to it, even gold. And for some reason the top and bottom of the object is cut off from the rounding effect. Is there anyone who knows why it does this? Whether it can be avoided? Or fixed?
  9. I second this motion of PixelArt to make freehand tools that draw perfectly to snapin grids and things. It'd be great if every tool came with user input parameters in the tool bar where you can simply input the numbers to make the drawn item exactly as you want, pixel for pixel coordinates. And free hand drawing could use the grid snap ins I guess.
  10. I copied, pasted it into codelab but it had 20 errors. I havven't finished the tutorials on Codelab so I have no idea what I'm doing yet.
  11. Maybe I can put your BeznCurve through the CodeLab and look around and see if I can understand it. I'm willing to use whatever you come up with if you want to take a stab at it. Is the reason allowing zoom would be beyond your skills is because you have to recreate that functionality while your plugin is running? Shouldn't the parent view object/class thing be accessible through the plugin? I'm not sure how it works.
  12. The BeznCurve is exactly what I was thinking about in terms of the idea. Thank you very much. However, I'd like to be able to put in the exact coordinates of each control point where those coordinates are mapped in the same way, the mouse pointer is located with an X, Y coordinate relative to the existing canvas size. These numbers seem to jump across pixels and I can't make it pixel perfect. Lastly, I can't zoom in while rendering this curve. Do you think this is a possibility for an update to allow the plugin to zoom in while you make the curve? And also those exact relative X, Y coordinates will allow users to make pixel perfect Beziers.
  13. OK thanks. It actually looks llike something I might be able to do. We'll see what happens.
  14. I was meaning more for Codelab specifically. How to make codelab do something. I haven't yet looked into the tutorials
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