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  1. Updated all the links to my tutorial, so you shouldn't have issues going to the site. Sometimes it doesn't load its first try, so hit reload a few times if that happens. I put some new ones up on the page. I am no longer doing Map Making, but rather exploring other elements of Worldbuilding. You can find my other articles on the first link, but I won't post them here as they do not relate to Paint.Net. I apologize for not doing this sooner, I hadn't set my account up to send me notifications.
  2. Added: Worldbuilding #10b - River Sediment and Floodplains
  3. Added a new tutorial. Worldbuilding #10a - Basic Rivers
  4. Worldbuilding #9b - Advanced Forests
  5. Added a new tutorial. #9a - Basic Forests
  6. Added a new tutorial. #8a - Advanced Mountains
  7. In 2 days, I've had 50 views for my blog from this site. I've had record views on my blog from a variety of sources, and as a thank you, I am holding a contest for the month of July. Grand Prize will be: A copy of my book Terran Psychosis A copy of my book Scraping By A copy of my book Daygar Legacy Book #1 (when release) A copy of The Valkyrie Profiles by K.S. Daniels A personalized Map for you to use however you want To get more information, visit my site: http://www.chrisvotey.com/writing/madness-bundle-give-away/ I thank all of you for helping make my blog successful. More Worldbuild
  8. My name is Chris, or you can call me mad_cat. I am a writer. As a writer, it often involves me doing worldbuilding. I recently wanted to know how to make maps of my world, and saw that there were a few tutorials out there to do it. They are good tutorials, but they were not what I wanted for myself. So I decided to look at these tutorials and many others to learn to do what I wanted to create. I was then impressed what I developed that I decided to share my techniques with others. Below is a list of tutorials I offer. They do make use of other tools beyond paint.net, but it is mostly paint
  9. Fantastic plugin. I am going to use this plugin in my tutorial on how to create organic rivers. I haven't seen another plugin capable of doing a branching like this.
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