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  1. 4.0 alpha is working well on my Windows 7 64bit laptop. Thanks for the great app. that does so much. However, can 'Zoom' be moved back to upper menus (as 3.x versions). It is a lot of extra mouse/touchpad work to go across the screen from menus to bottom status bar, and is also counter-intuative as other selections are done at upper menus. Also, I would favor a locked/anchored toobars, rather than floating (as is in both 3.xx and new 4.0). To me its annoying to pan to an edge and then needing to move toolbars out of the way. I rather lose some screen space for the toolbars or use pulldown menu. Or perhaps keep the floating toolbars, and allow panning a little ways past the canvas edge so that edges of canvas can be in center of zoom area and allow room for floating toolbars. Thanks