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  1. I was wondering, is there any way to get a continuous spline like in GraphicsGale when you click in place, where you keep clicking to create new sections of the line, and bending a new section automatically bends the last section, then right click to stop? If not, is there any plugin to provide this functionality? I attached a demonstration of something I quickly created using this tool.
  2. Quoted directly from http://people.mozilla.org/~dolske/apng/demo.html : "APNG is designed to be backwards-compatible with image viewers which only support PNG. Older image viewers will simply disply the first frame of the animation, like a normal image. A flag can be set to make APNG-aware viewers ignore the first frame, so that it can be used as a staic representation of the animation." That is what I am referring from. a flag in software is a switch of sorts that tells the program something. It is designed so that if a program doesn't support animated PNGs, you can have a custom static re
  3. Would it be possible for you to add support for the flag that tells browsers that support APNG to skip the first frame? When I try to open an APNG file as an APNG when it has that flag, it doesn't open. This is an example of one. This image has two frames. first frame says doesn't (in red), the second says does. (in green) If the image were to have more than two frames, APNG-aware browsers would still simply ignore the first frame and only use the ones after, as said by the flag. If I open this as a png, it opens fine, but opening it as an apng gives an error opening the file. BTW, Som
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