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  1. Been away awhile, glad I revisited! This tut was amazing. Here's all I could really come up with...can't quite get the ship to blend in as much as I'd like.
  2. Nope, not Sharpwriter, but I wanted to post his OC photo for credit, he's incredibly talented. And sorry about that, I'll try to remember to re-size next time.
  3. Hey that worked out great! Thanks! Have to play for a bit with it, but that took care of that weird backdrop lighting you can see on the edge of his fur.
  4. Great walkthrough! What I realized I lacked the most from labeling my layers lol I got a bit turned around, but still got it. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, new user here, started using last week ( I sound like a drug addict). Went through a ton of tuts before I branched out and started goofing around, figured I'd join finally! Here's my rendition of one of my fav photos. Original: Modified: Huge thanks to all of ya for the tuts and plugins! Great work!