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I have a smathering of image editing tools and would very much like to narrow that down. But until one of them starts to incorporate what the others have, I'm stuck with the smathering it seems.

I would be able to dump a few tools and stick with PDN if it had some useful things like...

1. An airbrush/spraycan tool

2. A manual Smudge/Smear tool

3. Drop-shadow effects

4. Multi-Segment Line drawing (e.g. polyline)

5. Canvas auto-resize to entity extents

6. Vectorized object manipulation (after insertion)

Right now, PDN is neat and definitely impressive with respect to how far it has come and the polished look and feel. HOwever, it doesn't replace my other tools yet. I only offer this in the hopes it gets these features on the drawing board (bad pun, sorry), not to pick on it. I like trying out new tools and competition forces better results. Thanks!

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