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  1. 4.0 is cool. Hard to complain about the wait when it's free. In the meantime I keep trying new plugins and some are really nice.
  2. Please don't take this negatively, 3.07 is indeed very nice. Great work! I hope that some features I've suggested earlier make it into 3.08 or 3.10 possibly: - an airbrush tool - text effects (shadow, bitmapping, spline-fit, etc) - spline vertex editing (add points, delete points) - drop shadow effect - smear/smudge effect I keep using PN because it rocks and is one of the most forward-moving projects I've seen lately. Keep up the great work!
  3. Sorry, I didn't intend to trivialize your efforts. I develop software in a different area, so I can appreciate the work and planning and hours that go into something like this. I don't mean to belittle it or anything like that. It's simply amazing. I wouldn't be participating in this forum if I didn't think Paint.NET was worth it. I agree with LionHearted: I'd offer more help if my skills fell into anything remotely close to what might help. I do scripting and web development so I don't think that would be of much use. I do graphics as sort of a hobby for web sites outside of my paying job. In any case, I will keep up on updates and follow along as it progresses. Thanks!
  4. I don't doubt that (last comment) at all. However, some of the features I need are fairly basic: air brush tool, text font effects, additional filters and effects, editable vertices on polygons and polygonal clips, prelimary object placement and vertex control, etc. I'm not going to sit here and tell you to be like PS. CS2 or CS3 or Gimp, they lack things also, or if they have them, the steps to get a desired result are too complex or cumbersome. I'm not saying anything new obviously. Just hoping to see/hear something to indicate it may incorporate some of these features and roughly "when" (months, years, ever). I think it's fantastic as-is, but I'm trying to narrow down my graphics toolset and I'd love to see Paint.NET take over some of the features I have to get from other products.
  5. Please don't flame or get angry, just asking for help finding some sort of future release roadmap. I like 3.0, but like a lot of others here, we are all looking for some features still missing. Before I start donating to the cause, I'd like to see where it's heading and what the milestones are expected to be. If there's a web page with that posted already, please point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post future enhancement/feature requests, and please forgive me if these have been posted before (quite likely I suppose)... 1. An Airbrush / Spray tool would be VERY helpful. The old Dr. Halo had an effect where if you kept the spray focused on one spot for more than a few seconds, the paint would begin to run (like a real spray can). This might be asking too much, but just a basic spray tool would be great. 2. Drop-shadow effects on symbols and text objects. With options to configure the offset distance and angle, color, dithering, etc. 3. Layout control using ruler markers. The old MS Image Composer had a great feature for adjusting the content size by dragging guidelines on the horizontal and vertical rulers. Only the content within the layout window boundary was captured if you saved to a raster format. The entire workspace would be saved if kept in the native format. Setting the layout by editing numbers in a box is nice, but sometimes I want to visually adjust it also. 4. In keeping with the above feature, it would be nice to be able to drag content outside of the workspace and keep it visible and editable. Several other graphics apps do that and it can be very helpful with you're in a hurry to arrange multiple objects in different ways before making it final. Otherwise, this is a fantastic product and a huge effort obviously. Very much appreciated. My suggestions are not meant to pick at it in any way, only to try to help improve it. Thx
  7. I have a smathering of image editing tools and would very much like to narrow that down. But until one of them starts to incorporate what the others have, I'm stuck with the smathering it seems. I would be able to dump a few tools and stick with PDN if it had some useful things like... 1. An airbrush/spraycan tool 2. A manual Smudge/Smear tool 3. Drop-shadow effects 4. Multi-Segment Line drawing (e.g. polyline) 5. Canvas auto-resize to entity extents 6. Vectorized object manipulation (after insertion) Right now, PDN is neat and definitely impressive with respect to how far it has come and the polished look and feel. HOwever, it doesn't replace my other tools yet. I only offer this in the hopes it gets these features on the drawing board (bad pun, sorry), not to pick on it. I like trying out new tools and competition forces better results. Thanks!
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