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RAF plugin help

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Hi there,

Just wanted to ask if anyone has a fuji camera plugin for PaintNet?

It uses *.rfa prefix.

I downloaded a RAW converter from the download plugin forum page thing, but it doesn't do a thing (actually doesn't seem to exist - but PainNet doesn't recoginse my RFA files anyway).

I guess using RAW is not all that important as I have heard many times to stick with 9MP Fine ( being a brilliant photographer (blushes) I like to try to get the pics right from the taking picture side).

Anyway, blabbering on here - thanks for your help.

Painter Girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;)

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Paint.NET doesn't support raw at all, only the plugin added that ability, if you want to help to improve it go to it's page and recomend the support for .rfa files... (i'm not sure what raw types are supported by the plugin)

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I think your problem is likely that you put the DLL in the Effects folder. Go to C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects, select the RAW filetype DLL, and hit Cut. Back out of the Effects folder and into the Filetypes folder, and paste it in.

See if that handles things for you. :-)


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Yeah, that's what I probably did - just dumped everything into the Effects folder LOL!!!

It turns out that it's a file format called RAF that the file is saved as.

I really love PaintNet (recommended it to all my friends, who now use it), and hoped i could do the imaging editing in Paintnet via some sort of plugin.

I'll have a look later at getting the files transfered and hopefully the plugin may allow the RAF files into paintnet.


Painter Girl xxxxxx ;)

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