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I use Paint.NET to do small and quick photo edits. Usually I just take red-eye out and maybe enhance the coloring. If I want to do this to 40 images and they are all in the same folder....it can take awhile because I have to open them one by one.

It would be nice if you had some sort of image browser integrated into the program. The left hand pane would come with a Windows Explorer style interface and allow you to click a picture and have it open up in the right hand pane (just like using the File>Open command.

Keep up the great work!

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This might be nice, however there are quick and easy work-arounds.

You could resize the PDN window so that there is some space on the left of the screen. Then, open up Windows Explorer and resize it to fit in the empty space to the left of PDN. Navigate to your images, and then just drag and drop them onto PDN to open them.

Sometimes I do this when I have to change the levels on a whole bunch of images or edit them in some other way.


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