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three questions mostly about file previews i think

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Hello... On my Sunday afternoon the following came to mind....

Thank you very much for adding .tga file support. Without it I wouldn't have anything to view my World Of Warcraft screenshots with.


May I ask if it is possible to provide a preview of these files before opening them in the little preview area on the left of the folder browser where it provides information about files and mini previews of normal image files (I noticed it shows pdn files :D)? It takes ages to find the right image since I have gillions of screenshots, and I have to go through all of the pictures one by one!


Also about windows fax viewer and adding support for being able to use it to view different types of image files... Is that something that microsoft is responisible for? can we download file support from somewhere? Do hardcore programmers like yourself add the ability through plugins?


We are planning on including Vista-specific enhancements in future releases as well.

O.o what kind of enhancements?

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