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Pre-download restore

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:(  I really enjoyed this new version of paint for 3 days. On the third day I attempted to open a file and my computer sounded like it was about to launch. The program would not close. I waited for the, "program not responding" , "End Now" "Cancel" "Debug" and it took approx 10 min to end and restart my computer. After that experience I restored my computer to the date prior to the download. It may have worked after the re-start but I didn't want to take the chance of a possible crash. Now I am affraid to download the program again. Can someone give me a little reassurance? I have an HP xp 2005 and I downloaded the file thru dsl into my 160 gb personal media drive. On the first initial download the choice for the xp file would not respond. Now I'm not sure what I downloaded. I was redirected and instructed to download a frame work first before downloading Paint.net. That worried me a little due to my lack of computer knowledge. Like I said, the program worked for three days. I would like another shot at the free download but the idea of my computer launching and crashing for the pleasures of painting with style doesn't seem to be worth it. Again, can I get a little reassurance and a little more specific instruction on what to download including DSL speed? I have a speedstream 4200. Just what download speed does that offer?  Southman
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Only need one thread about this.

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