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How do I remove an unwanted object from a photo?

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I know that this sounds really dumb but please can someone tell me how to remove an unwanted object from a photo? :(

I have done a search on the topics on the forum and can't find anything.

Basically, I have a picture of my wife and there is an annoying light in the top right hand corner that I want to remove.

How do i do this???

thanks in advice for any assistance.

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each image is a bit different. have you tried cloning it out? or cutting the portion with your wife out to a separate layer and blurring out the background?

we have an image hospital under the pictorium if no one comes back to help you more you could try posting the picture there. if you don't want to show peoples faces just pixelate that portion when you post the picture.


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we don't have airbrush but yes painting it out is an option depends on what's in the background.

#1 make a duplicate of your picture and work on the duplicate first if you are unfamiliar with the program

if its small inperfections try clone first. read this its about the best explination http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/CloneStamp.html

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