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A bug ??

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i think i found an other bug ... yer i didnt seek for an answer on the forum ... :lol:

so when opening an image from my desktop (exemple) I want to (with the bucket) fill the black with (all black wil became white , no? or im stupid??) but is it like paint doesnt recognize the image and fill black(or any color chosed) all the image... annoying... same thing with the magic wand it select all the image .. sort of a ctrl+a ... really annoying ...

what am I doing wrong???

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Check your tolerance setting (the blue bar under the tools in the toolbar). The higher the tolerance, the more it ignores the difference between colors. At 100% (and lower percentages for more similar colors), it ignores any difference between the colors and paints over / selects everything.

Edit: Since you found your answer while I was posting :wink:

As mentioned up there, the tolerance determines how different adjacent colors must be before the algorithm recognizes that it is a different color. If you have a tolerance setting of 0%, any variation in color will be recognized (a boundry is seen between #ff0000 and #fe0000, the smallest possible difference). At 100%, it will ignore any difference (#000000 and #ffffff will be seen as the same).

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