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Crop - cooky cutter?

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:D Could not find a way to predefine an area for cropping or selecting a method for setting a heigt and width one could slide over an image thus selecting an area with a fixed size(cooky cutter). This would be a valuable addition to this amazing software. Like holding the camera again and selecting the best possible view. I'm sure many wou like this option. :idea:
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Yes just like I said earlier this morning in your other post:

You can do this in Paint.Net!

(or at least I hope I understand your request...)

First, simply select an area of the size you want. Then click on the "Move Selection" button which is next to the "Lasso Select" button.

Then, you can slide the selection around on the image. (like, as you say, pointing the camera differently)

If you want to change the size of the selection, hold Shift on the keyboard and then drag the corners of the selection box around. (like, as you would say, zooming the camera differently)

When you are satisfied with its placement, you can press "Ctrl-Shift-X" to crop out everything except the selection.

If this isn't it, try rephrasing...I love to help!

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