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Shape3D Freezes

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Did a search for Shape3d and only came up with an someone's installation problem.

My problem, is that every time I use the Shape3D effect, it works fine , makes a neat shape, but, it freezes PDN up.

Only way I can retain the image is to use a screen picture maker thingy(FastStoneCapture) because the only way to get PDN to do anything is to shut it down via task manager which then you lose the shape pic.

I tried several times at deleting the effect and re-downloading it, but to no avail.

Currently using PDN ver. 3.10


Just updated to v. 3.22 and the effect still freezes up PDN... bummer

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You need to post this in the thread for the plugin. That way you get replies from people who know what they're talking about. :-) There are some people who would be able to answer the question but never look in this forum.

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