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Question : How can I apply a paint palette in PAINT NET?

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Hi, I have recently downloaded Paint.net and am enjoying exploring the many fesatures I use in PSP.

However on one medium I place my pictures I have to apply a paint palette so that the correct colours are displayed.

Can someone please tell Me, where I do this in Paint.NET..and how?

Should this be possible...I have many students I can share this program with.




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Palette editing is not yet a feature of Paint.net.

Of course, you could always do it manually by editing each pixel to match a palette.

This would be a good thing for a plugin...once I get to coding, I will try to make a plugin for this.

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Thankyou for such a prompt reply.

The thought of manually editting every pixel....laughs...Nooo!!!...I have life outside of art thankyou.

However a pluginn that would allow .pal filles to be added would be of huge benefit. In the meantime We can wait.


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