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Suggestion: Navigation Shortcuts Change

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The ability to zoom with the mouse scrollwheel while holding Control is nice. The ability to pan an image while holding Spacebar is nice. However, switching between Control and Spacebar while zooming in/out and panning an image to look at details gets confusing, and I start using the wrong key to do the thing I'm trying to do. Perhaps these two shortcuts could both be bound to the Spacebar? Thus, holding down the Spacebar would allow the Scrollwheel to zoom and the Mousebuttons to pan.

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Taking a ride on the topic...

What about presets like Autodesk Combustion's Paint Operator?

you can configure the keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to select the tool and brushes/colour that you salved to them. It's a amazing time-saving shortcut, I can't them how much just with words.

Another great shortcut is holding ctrl e move de mouse cursor left and right to change to brush size on fly... I can't describe how effecient this is...

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