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Spreading Ink Stain effect & Amoeba effect

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Is there a routine within Paint.net which can simulate the random outwardly expanding staining effect of an ink drop falling on a piece of tissue paper or cloth or a carpet? The point here is to ensure that the outward effect is not symmetrical and has no clearly defined boundaries. As you get further from where the original drop is supposed to have fallen, the staining effect becomes fainter and possibly more blurry. Also, if some animation could be built-in, would it be possible to set the final size of such a stain either by setting a maximum outward point of flow (whoever gets there first) or a time function which allows so many seconds of spread? Or could a discretionary freeze effect be possible?

On a related possibly easier routine, is there a way within Paint.net, starting with a ellipse or circle, to randomly distort it into non-symmetrical amoeba-like shapes with a range of differently spreading arms? Here the final effect would have definite clear boundaries. Would there be an animation function for such an effect allowing the user to freeze the image when the desired amoeba shape emerges?

Thanks in advance.


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