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Feature request: mappable hotkeys

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I've been using Paint.NET for a while now and so far I'm really impressed by it. It's pretty usefull for the pixel-art that I'm doing. I've got a request, though. I think that the ability to assign hotkeys to arbitrary actions would be quite usefull. While many tools already have their own hotkeys, some frequently performed actions don't, such as layer operations or custom plugins. That, or there are hotkeys that aren't documented by the interface.

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I have only been able find this one topic regarding the mapping of keyboard commands, there is another, I'm sure of it, which has a reply from Rick Brewster, the lead developer of Paint.NET. The topic below does reference Rick, so until the other one is discovered, take this as Gospel for the time-being (Rick didn't object to any of the claims, so it must be correct).


Have a search around for the other if you wish:

Built-in Forum Search;

Paint.NET Custom Google Search.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find that post - I searched before posting and that didn't turn up much already anyway. I did read something about a recording system that is planned for Pdn 4, something along the lines of exposing more functionality for plugin writers, so I'm hoping that that system can be tied with hotkey mapping, or at least provides a way for a plugin to do so.

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To find that topic, I used the built-in Forum Search with the key terms 'keyboard shortcuts'.

And I cannot comment on using a plugin for shortcut mapping; I know too little to make such assumptions of the functionality afforded to Paint.NET plugins. Although, I find it slightly hard to believe that such will come along soon, even with PDN4, but like I said above...

Anyway, I'm glad it gave you an answer of sorts.

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