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Newb PNG transparency problem

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So I've got a small icon graphic with a white background that I want to make transparent. I've followed some other threads and got the background to be checkerboard. Both the magic want + delete and also the paint bucket with opacity of zero work great. No problem so far.

However when I place it in my web page it still has a white square background. This is in FF 2 and IE7 both. When I open it with the generic Vista photo viewer it appears to have a transparent background, just not in the browsers. I know this is a bit of a web question, maybe not so much PDN question but since PDN is the tool that I'm using... /shrug.

Anyways if anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong I appreciate it.

Old: update.png

New Supposedly Transparent: update2.png

Thanks in advance.

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Unbelievable. I have a style for input elements (in this case input type=image) that has an off white background color specifier. It was just close enough to white that I thought my background wasn't transparent.

Who knows, maybe this will help someone else as clumsy as me. :D

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Ah, global element-level CSS declarations. They'll get ya' every time. :wink:

Perchance, do you have the Firebug extension for Firefox? If you inspect the element, it'll show you any style rules that effect that element and where they are in the linked stylesheets. (Though, I guess if one thought it was simply an error with the image transparency, there'd be little prompt to check it... Still, though, Firebug's an awesome extension... :))

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