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what to do to download

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Hello, muddy.

Please, I urge you to change your topic title to reflect your request; this is outlined in the Rules. Perhaps something along the lines of 'what to do to download' or something of the like? You don't want this locking, do you? You can achieve this by clicking the 'edit' button in the lower-left of your post. :) Thank you.


In the 'Download' column of the table, click on any of the host images. This will take you the respective website (all trusted) to download.

Let's take DotPDN LLC as an example:

- Click the image which says 'DotPDN LLC' (the largely black and white logo);

- this will take you to their website which will have a page saying 'download now' in the upper-right . Click the blue link beneath this statement;

- a download dialog will appear asking you how/where to save. From here-on-in it is exactly like downloading other files from the Internet.

Does this help?

EDIT (one of many): I've just noticed how many iterations of 'download' there are; maybe Download.com was not the best example out of them to use. Changed to DotPDN LLC.

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