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Does anyone know how to make lineart from photos?

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Does anyone know of any tutorials or advice on how to make lineart from photos? And then how to colour it? I understand the basics on adding layers and going around the photo on a second layer with the paintbrush/pencil, but I want my art to look proffesional. (which it really isn't at the moment! :P ) If anyone has any tutorials or tips please leave a comment, I've realised I can do a lot on paint but this is one hurdle I have tried! :wink:

Any ideas?

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Take a look at these two links.



Not exactly what you ask, but maybe it helps.

And i remember there was another tutorial somewhere, about half a year ago. I just can’t find it. :(

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Hmm, I've never had hands-on experience with that to be honest.

But I think your best bet would be to make some new layers and drop their opacity to about 150 or lower. Start coloring in your desired colors, then just make more new layers and do it all over again repeat. Since they're transparent they'll all work with each other. (Unless you'd rather have them solid. Semi-transparent layers will let you see what you're doing a little bit better.)

As far as making them very realistic... that's all about how talented you are. The color selection system is very 'broad', and you can get many different shades/hues that will compliment each other with ease. It all comes down to how you "eyeball" your pictures.

Hope that helps.

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