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Display -> Large Fonts (120 DPI) does not scale properly

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Using: 2.6 Beta 2

PC: Dell Laptop with Windows 2000 with SP5

The default settings for Windows PCs is to have the display set to Small Fonts (96 dpi). With higher resolution screen becoming more common, I find myself using the Large Fonts (120 dpi) setting to help with readability.

However, many applications do not anticipate this, and as a result sometimes these programs become unusable as you can't see all the text or the windows do not scale properly.

With Small Fonts, Paint.NET works fine ... no problems. With Large Fonts, Paint.NET does not become unusable, but there are several areas that are affected, a partial list of those are:

Install Wizard:

Parts of the text is hidden under the top banner.

Tools Window:

Title bar changes from 'Tools' to just 'T...'

The word 'Tolerance' is cropped as it tries to fit into the tolerance bar

Popup windows for Layers -> Adjustments and Effects.

The most notable are under Effects. One of the best examples is the red eye reduction pop up window, a portion of the text for the 'Hint' is lost and the word 'Reset' does not fit on the buttons.

I'm sure they may be others, these are just those that I noticed quickly.

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