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  1. Don't believe this works in Paint.NET. IrfanView supports multipage TIFFs (I use them all the time). So, you could have IrfanView extract the individual pages for use in Paint.NET.
  2. When saving a file, it would be nice to have more options. Both the TIF and PNG formats support a wide range of color depths and grayscale. For each of these, it would be nice to have options when saving files for different color depths and gray scale. Many pictures and images I work on are intended for the web, and thus size can be a significant factor. The fact that Paint.NET saves everything in 24 bit (except GIF which is 8 bit by default and TGA for which you allow options of 24 bit and 32 bit) doesn't make it useful for some images. For these same images, it would be nice to be able
  3. Using: 2.6 Beta 2 PC: Dell Laptop Windows 2000 SP5 I've found some very unique instances underwhich I cannot change the zoom level using the pull down selection list of 1% to 3200%. The first example happens with a black and white (1 bit color) tiff image with Group 4 Fax Encoding. The image is 5100 x 3300 pixels and 61.15 kB in size. If I adjust the zoom level to anything greater than 600% (meaning 700% to 3200%), I cannot use the zoom level pull down selection again ... if I do, it just stays at that level. For example, with this image, if I zoom into a level of 800%, and then try to s
  4. Using: 2.6 Beta 2 PC: Dell Laptop with Windows 2000 with SP5 The default settings for Windows PCs is to have the display set to Small Fonts (96 dpi). With higher resolution screen becoming more common, I find myself using the Large Fonts (120 dpi) setting to help with readability. However, many applications do not anticipate this, and as a result sometimes these programs become unusable as you can't see all the text or the windows do not scale properly. With Small Fonts, Paint.NET works fine ... no problems. With Large Fonts, Paint.NET does not become unusable, but there are several area
  5. I just tried downloading v2.5 and v2.6b1. I first tried to install 2.5 and received the errors above. I then installed .NET v2.0 and then Paint.NET v2.6b1, and again errors the same as above. My machine is running Win 2k, with SP5 (the last roll out). I have installed Installer 3.1 v2 to be able to install .NET. I am not able to install the application. I'll be curious as to the feedback to the above post.
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