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How to get rid of dust spots off photos

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I'd recommend trying out with the clone stamp, paintbrush and color picker tool. Create a new layer above your image where you paint (makes things cumbersome with the color picker, though) and pick a nearby color to paint over the spor or use the clone stamp. You may consider soften the edges by using a blur on the layer (that's why we did this in a separate layer) which makes the correction less noticeable if you didn't find the right colors.

In the image above it's pretty easy this way because the spots are all on a pretty uniform background. If they cover important parts of your image you may have to invest some more work. A pressure sensitive tablet helps here, as well, especially when working with brushes :)

Hopefully some day we might get Poisson image editing (see Photoshop's healing brush) in PDN, which makes things like these much easier :)

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